About us

When my school started offering live online classes, we quickly discovered that Zoom, Teams, Meet and other web conferencing tools were not designed for teaching online. They were created for business meetings. This means that they don’t include the teaching and learning tools we really need for effective teaching and training. As a result, most online teachers and trainers must use at least four or five different tools or apps to teach online.

But it was exhausting keeping track of all those tools and passwords. Plus we lost a lot of time switching from one tool to another and then another and then back. And then there’s the time lost trying to remember where to find, and then how to assemble, all the different bits of information for each student from the different apps so that we can see how they are progressing and personalize their instruction.

We imagined how much easier our life would be if there was an online teaching solution that provided everything we need in one place.

I assembled the iTeach team and we decided to apply our passion for education, 25 years of teaching experience, and our technical skills to solve this problem by creating iTeach.world

With iTeach, you can simplify your life, save time, be more effective, and have more time and energy to focus on what you love to do.

We know that it takes more than a virtual classroom to deliver a complete and effective online learning experience. That’s why we created iTeach.world for you. It’s also why iTeach has been used by teachers and trainers in 162 countries.

JP Guittard

JP Guittard