with iTeach.world you can
With iTeach.world you can...
with iTeach.world you can
Make learning more effective
Transform your class from a place where students passively consume lectures into an active place where students engage in the application, analysis, and evaluation of the content while supported and guided by their teacher
with iTeach.world you can
Flip your class
Move content delivery to outside the class so you have more class time to spend on higher level learning activities such as application, analysis, evaluation and creation
with iTeach.world you can
Use the virtual classroom
Host office hours and meetings, or have your students use it for collaborative work
with iTeach.world you can
Create formative assessments
Easily add formative assessments to your flipped lessons to identify learning gaps and personalize instruction
with iTeach.world you can
Use the messaging functions to communicate with individual students or the entire class

How It Works

Sign up
Create a class
Invite students
Create flipped lessons using a link to a video, website, other authoring tools, or content created using our built-in authoring tools
Students can do their flipped lessons on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile)
View student results and identify comprehension & learning gaps
Make more effective use of in-class time with higher level learning activities
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